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MSLC Talks

ELCA's Social Statement Series

The Church in Society

Join the MSLC Talks panel for a conversation about the ELCA's social statement entitled, "Church in Society". 

Economic Life

How much is enough? The MSLC Talks panel wrestles with that question while reviewing the ELCA's social statement on "Economic Life".

Human Sexuality

The MSLC Talks panel reviewed the social statement entitled, "Human Sexuality".

Caring for Creation

A group of young voices (and one who is young at heart) gather to discuss the ELCA social statement entitled, "Caring for Creation".


Join a MSLC Talks panel full of educators as they discuss the social statement on Education on September 20 at 7 PM on Facebook Live and the website.

Race, Ethnicity, and Culture

The MSLC Talks panel will talk about how we can live out the social statement on Race, Ethnicity, and Culture on October 4 at 7 PM on Facebook Live and the website.

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