We are Morning Star Lutheran Church, a Caring Congregation committed to ministering to all people in our community by providing spiritual support and programs in all areas of Christian family living.

We are a Caring Congregation - Passing on Faith - Making a Difference


We are a worshiping community coming together weekly to hear God's Word and to offer our prayers, praise and thanksgiving.

We are a witnessing community sharing God's love with the world, our community, our co-workers, and especially within our homes.

We are a learning community with a variety of educational opportunities offered to all ages that stretch and strengthen our faith in Jesus Christ.

We are a serving community and we take delight in reaching out to neighbors far and wide with a helping hand or an act of kindness.

Morning Star Lutheran Church

Our founders were German Lutherans who had migrated from Pennsylvania south along the Great Philadelphia Wagon Road. They found support together in clusters, often on the edges of established Scotch-Irish settlements. They couldn’t write down their mission plan as many of them simply could not read or write.

However, it is believed that they founded our congregation in 1775, making it the oldest Lutheran church in Mecklenburg County and one of the oldest in North Carolina. And they called it Crooked Creek Church.

In 1815 the church was enrolled in the Synod and, by this time, the name had become Morning Star Lutheran Church. From 1775 to 1902, the church was served by circuit-riding ministers from Concord and Salisbury. Services were typically only held twice a year.

It wasn’t until 1902 that regular services started to be held at Morning Star and even then it was every other week as Morning Star formed a two-church parish with St. Luke’s Lutheran Church in Monroe. The Reverend M.Q. Boland served both congregations, alternating Sundays between the two churches. The church had a total of 50 communing members.

The white-framed wood chapel was built in 1906 to replace a log building on the same site which had burned down. The church was built by members. Ron Stinson, built the church using lumber milled by his grandfather while other members made the bricks.

The congregation remained painfully small with only a dozen people attending service. There was talk of closing the church but a few steadfast members, including Mrs. Ruth Rice Teeter, fought to keep it open. Their passion brought new life to the church and in 1955 Morning Star became a single-church parish with its first full-time pastor, Reverend Robert B. Lineberger.

By 1960 the members of Morning Star started building on the property where we worship today – with additions built in 1975, 1983, 2000, and 2012.

Two hundred and forty-one years after a group of settlers began worshipping in a log building, we have been blessed to build and make use of a Family Life Center, expanded Christian Education space, a wonderful Music Center, and a Worship Center that is the heartbeat of our community of faith. Since the year 2000, we have had hundreds of new members join our community of faith and our ministry has broadened in a multitude of ways.

Now, though, we hear the call from God to prepare ourselves to go beyond our walls and make a difference in this community and around the world. As disciples of Christ, we are commanded to love and serve the least of these, even if they never come through our doors.

It has already begun: we are in our third year of hosting Room in the Inn, a powerful hospitality ministry in the homeless community. We open up our building daily for groups outside of this family of faith to use, including Scouts, 4H, three AA meetings, senior groups, use by the local high school, and more.  We are looking for ways to connect with our closest school neighbor, Mint Hill Middle School. We are one of the strongest local supports of the Matthews Help Center with monthly offerings of food for hungry families that often go unseen.  Morning Star Lutheran Church is making a difference beyond our walls and you are invited to join us.


We are Morning Star Lutheran Church, a Caring Congregation and a called community of believers in Jesus Christ empowered by the Holy Spirit to joyfully share God's grace with all people through our worship, witness, learning, service and support.


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