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We are imperfect disciples walking together to embody Christ's love in our community.

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Morning Star Lutheran Church is ready to welcome you to our 8:30 & 11:00AM Sunday services.  Masks and Physical-Distancing are NOT required for those who are Fully Vaccinated.  Children, Youth and Adults who are Not Yet Fully Vaccinated are asked to wear masks for their own safety.  All are welcome as we work to keep one another healthy.  

We will continue our livestream Service of the Word each Sunday at 8:30 AM that will then be posted on our website and Facebook page for people to watch later, should they choose.  The 11:00 AM Service will be live-streamed, as well, beginning at the end of June.  

Please click the Schedule or Watch Now button for more details about scheduled activities.

God bless us all with patience and hope as we walk the road towards ReGathering, if not side by side right away, then always in love for one another.

8:30 A.M. Join us on our Facebook Page or through the Watch Now button for our
LiveStream Service of the Word 
Every 2nd Sunday of the Month: 
9:30-10:00 AM - Drive Through/In-Car 
 Holy Communion for Everyone
9:30-10:30 AM - Canned Goods Collection for Matthews Help Center.  Any pantry and canned goods are needed and welcome!

How Do You Connect with God?

A Caring Congregation

Our vision is to empower people to practice discipleship at home and in the community. Please read more about the ways we seek to pass on faith and make a difference - most often beyond our walls.


Currently, we are streaming our Sunday Service at 8:30 AM on our Facebook and website.  However, it is available all week so feel free to join in whenever you like. 


Please see our resource on how we can continue to be an ally to our community partners during these difficult times. 

Morning Star Lutheran Chapel

Learn more about the historic chapel located down the street from the church.