Morning Star Lutheran Staff


PASTOR JOHN MOURITSEN (Head of Staff Pastor)

Pastor John has been a part of the Morning Star family since 1999, when he arrived with his wife Kristen and two children, Kieran and Sofia.  In that time, the toddler and 8-week-old have grown into wonderful young adults and made empty-nesters out of him and Kristen.

PJ enjoys reading, cars (ones old enough to work on), the Panthers, and traveling.

He was raised in Connecticut and Ohio but has now lived in North Carolina longer than anywhere else, and for that, he’s grateful.

Pastor John has said on more than one occasion that even if he weren’t a pastor at MSLC, he and his family would attend this church. Pastor John loves the fact that this congregation is open and honest about the ups and downs of life and looks for ways to live out faith in every day that we are given – no matter where we are, or what we face.

He is impressed by little acts of service and devotion that are not normally celebrated but are often the most important parts of passing on faith to the next generation.