MSLC Talks

Join a panel of MSLC congregation members as they discuss the topics of the day.


The panel discussed prayer and Matthew 6:5-15

March 31

The panel discussed anxiety and the power of breath.

April 7

The panel read John 12:27-36 and discussed being called to walk in the light.

ApriL 14

The panel read Luke 24: 13-49 and discussed how we see with our hearts.


The panel read Hebrews 12:1-3 and discussed hope for the weary.

april 28

The panel read Isaiah 53 4-9 and discussed who we are when we are lost.

may 5

The panel discussed John Chapter 4 and our role in spreading the Good News.

May 19

The panel discussed Jesus at the Temple in Matthew 21:12-13

May 27

The panel discussed John 9:1-5 and the idea that "I did everything right."

June 2

The panel discussed Acts 2:42-47, focusing on 'The Day After Pentecost'.

june 16

The panel panel discussed community by reading 1 Corinthians 1:10-17.

June 29

The panel was replaced for the night by youth as they discussed compassion.

july 7

The panel returned to read Matthew 9:35-38 and discuss compassion.

August 4

The panel

discussed Romans 

5:5-3 and character.

August 18

The panel

discussed Pslam 78 and the stories that we tell. 

september 1

The panel discussed transitions and seasons through the lens of Ecclesiastes 3:11.

september 15

The panel discussed the impact of faith formation on our lives.

December 15

The MSLC youth returned to discuss Christmas memories and joy.


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